I started watching Motorcity this night
It may as well be called "Shit Merriam Likes The Animated Series" because...there's a lot of stuff I like in this show. The best thing way I can think to describe it is that it's a more mature version of Storm Hawks crossed with the Gorillaz set in a dystopia. There are lots of awesome characters of color, several note worthy and recurring female characters besides the token girl of the girl, and the slashibility of this show is of course through the roof. Even the lone aggressively male one in the group is endearing. And the crushes the characters develop in the show are cute too.

Perfect? Not really, but it's good enough that I can over look it's flaws.

Drawing characters of color
wise guru
There's been a lot of talk on tumblr if you follow "Pollums" about artistic depictions of race and problematic histories and all kinds of things that are so very uncomfortable to think and talk about. Thankfully we haven't gotten into knee-jerk name calling or complete idiot territory yet.

Honestly I'm kind of relieved that I'm not the only one who worries about these things. Though it does have me thinking of my own growth as an artist when I was in high school. I had my first experience with college level life drawing when I was in high school and something that I internalized from the experience is that when you're drawing a living person it's good to think of them as you would think of a still life. Don't focus on the fact that a naked person is front of you instead focus on the shapes and contour that you're drawing. The human body is just a thing that is drawn like a bowl of fruit. I can't recall if someone told me this directly, but it's an idea that has stuck with me ever since those early classes.

Also if you're unsure how to draw a person of color then just find a photograph online. It's not as hard as you'd think. And I know that a lot of art teachers poo poo drawing from a photograph as opposed to drawing from life, but honestly you're going to do more drawing from photographs than from life since in life we're limited by what's around us basically.

I have also found that it's really important to unlearn the association we have with defaulting to white straight male. I know it's hard and it's difficult to escape, but it is doable. Instead of thinking of a character as your "black character" or "gay character" or whatever think of your character who is black and gay or your character who is a lesbian with gender issues. That kinda deal.

12 of 12 WHOOT
Okay...I will admit there are some things I didn't really get to within the previous thingies. After reading do you think I should just write another part that just sort of wraps everything up or is it fine as it is? I do plan on making some shorter comics about some of the points I wanted to get to as well. Just rake through and tell me what you think.

Thank you taking for this long journey with me.

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sex on the brain
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9 of 12 alcohol with drawel happens in this part!
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8 of 12 black gay love triangle
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7 of 12 cuteness is happening all over this chapter
army of the undead
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6 of 12 we start getting more into Janet's gender issues
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