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I'm going to talk about three webcomics today!
army of the undead
Not because anyone cares about my opinions, but because I want to talk about them. So the first once I'm going to talk about:

1) Girls With Slingshots

This comic is about post college 20 somethings dealing with adulthood. It has a very comical take on life and the absurdity of dealing with serious topics. Plus it features a mostly female cast of characters that treats their friendships (and sometimes romantic relationships with each other) as valid.

However this comic also has really frustrating takes on relationships with one pair of characters happily married, but any mention of commitment between any other characters is treated as undesirable. Not to say that commitment or marriage is for everyone, but I find it rather odd that the married couple were quickly faded into the background after their wedding and only brought back when it was relevant for another pair of characters who wanted to hook up.

Also the authress of the comic has taken missteps with wanting to maintain a light hearted tone for her comic, but then having a Mean Girl type character become attempt to rape a male character. And even after coming out and saying that No Rape Isn't Funny she proceeded to have a similar thing happen in another arc and turn a once likable lesbian character into a jerk who didn't seem to think it was important to check if her sexual partners wanted to maintain an exclusive relationship. Though strangely enough it was none of these things that made me bounce off this comic hard, but the arc about a long time character helping this hipstery loser hook up with the younger sister of another character. They were able to hook up after she wore a hoodie to their second date (of watching Doctor Who) so he wouldn't be distracted by his boner the entire time like he was in middle school. Because apparently the idea of actually maturing emotionally is a thing the authress doesn't really grasp as a concept.

Upon linking to it I have discovered that the character who got permission to seek out guys from her asexual girlfriend is trying to hook it up with a guy who takes issue with the fact that she already has a girlfriend. He even said that he would've backed off if she said she already had a boyfriend so why should this situation be treated any differently.

Okay I think I'm going to make two more posts about each of the comics so we can discuss them individually.


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