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Talkin' 'bout webcomics part 2
army of the undead
2) Sister Claire

A little back story for how I found this comic is that I discovered it two summers ago during which I was dealing with a really bad depression spell, existential confusion, and the very legit possibility that I would never study animation. Being able to watch the first season of Adventure Time and reading this comic helped me not feel so terrible about life.

Anyway this comic is...well...okay everyone in this story is basically a nun or a cat and there have been a grand total of two male characters thus far neither of them being recurring characters. It's actually really refreshing seeing a story where the literal majority of the cast are female, all of whom have very unique and instantly recognizable designs, and a story where everyone is either gay, bi, or it's not stated. The plot of the comic revolves around the aftermath of a war between Nuns and Witches and the possibility of a new war cropping up. Sister Claire is currently pregnant with the Second Coming of Christ (well Messiah it's never specified that it's Christ) and her mother figure has been possessed by an evil cat.

It's a story that touches on a subject that I tend skirt around awkwardly when it comes up unless directly challenged about it. Religion is not a thing I like to talk about because I wasn't raised Christian despite growing up in a predominantly Christian part of the world. People who know I'm not a Christian/don't go to church assume I'm an Atheist because the notion of legitimately being spiritually moved by something other than Christianity is apparently baffling to them. And I really appreciate a story like this because neither side of the war is portrayed as completely bad or completely good. In fact our protagonist points out in a early point in the comic that Energia, the energy used to connect with God/Heaven that allows the Nun's to use their Nun Fu (this isn't just a thing that happens this is a plot point), is the exact same thing as magic, but the Witches use it differently than the Nun's.

However it is a story that is bogged down in extreme silliness. Not that humor and silliness are bad things per se, but early parts of the comic are a little too silly at times and tend to also be bogged down in shout outs. This comic makes so many references, especially early on, that it get's frustratingly distracting. Sister Claire get's better about this later though and references get more subtle...most of the time. When the humor comes from the actual content of the comic it's pretty great and the characters are all really likable even the ones who start off as antagonistic.


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