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Webcomics: The Final Part (for now)
army of the undead
3) Bobwhite

This comic finished it's run a couple years ago and I actually found it through another webcomic artist I like a lot.

It's about three female friends attending an art college each of them with their own field. One is an illustrator, one is a film student, and the third is a game designer. We start at their sophomore year of college and follow them up to graduation. And I'm just gonna come out and say it this comic is the best of the three. Maybe it just speaks to me as a person who's been in art school/around other art students too long, but I genuinely feel that all the characters flaws and all are very real and wonderful.

My one gripe with it is there is only one gay character. One male gay character and one instance of a lesbian showing up. Yeah I know not everyone who majors in art or goes to art school is gay (unfortunately for me), but it's frustrating not seeing very many gay characters in setting that I as a gay person am very familiar with. Though I have to say it's also great how natural the romantic partners in this comic feel. Some of the hook ups are groan worthy, but they feel real and organic as do the characters even at their worst.

And not to give anything away, but it ends on such a hopeful note. Yeah not all our intrepid heroines know what they're going to do now that they're out of school. That doesn't mean they won't find their foot hold and live their lives the way they see fit.


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